5/5 9/9/03 9:42 AM DSCF0005

While the boat is brand new, I coated all of the wire connectors with Liquid Tape. 

This seals the crimped ends and prevents corrossion from growing inside the crimp,

 which  is usually not able to been seen until at an advanced stage. Then I smeared

Vaseline jelly on all the terminal ends and reassembled the cables to the battery. 

After putting the battery nuts back on, I added additional Vaseline to ensure that 

the entire metal surface of the battery terminal and the connectors was covered.

One thing that is not good about this battery location: the #1 battery is exposed to 

water dripping onto it. I plan to install a battery box with a lid that will deflect the water

off the top and keep the battery dry. Salt water on battery terminals is a destructive situation.

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